Gotham City Brisbane

I went into the city yesterday to go to the dental school and on my way up to Turbot St from Roma St, I took this photo. The main building in this photo has always reminded me Gotham City, well the Gotham City portrayed in Batman Begins. It is those structures that run up the sides of the building and the tiny building on top that makes me think it is a transplant from Gotham City. What do you think?

Gotham Brisbane

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  1. My DH works here. It is the State Law Building but everyone we knows calls it the Batman building or the Gotham City building. When people ask me where Dh works I always say in the Gotham City building and everyone always knows where I mean. He is on the 19th floor so has a GREAT view!

    I LOVE it.

  2. When I see the building I think of the mid 80s song “Gotham City” by a local band JFK & the Cuban Crisis – written in the days of Rona Joyner and Sir Joh and their moral crusades ( ). Seems the Gotham City association is older than just this building (as iconic as the Comalco building refurb is).

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