All you need is love Beatles

So last night was The Beatles tribute gig and it was a fantastic night out. There was myself, Clare and four of her convicts, followers, converts, friends.

11 bands, a full house, 2 and a half hours, one small super sweaty room, one great cause, 200+ songs in The Beatles catalouge. One rocking night. We had fun guessing which songs would be done by the various bands. It was a great format with the bands doing between one and five songs each with most doing three or four, super quick changeover between sets (always a bonus) and of course a great cause in Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). Since there is talk of doing a similar format later this year with a different artist and charity, it will be great to see who will be the focus of the next tribute.

I don’t have photos from all the bands who played but I do from six of the eleven.

Hot Liquid Sex.
These girls were glam. The drummer had pearls on. I don’t think we need to go further.
Hot Liquid Sex

How rocking is this Beatles shirt? Last night was alllll about The Beatles shirts.
ace 1

The Blood Poets
This guy stood on my foot later in the night, I went ouch, he said sorry, it was all fine.
The Blood Poets

Kristy London and The Other Halves
Kristy was a total treat.
Kristy London and the Other Halves

Emma Dean
Again another total treat. Probably the main attraction for Clare and I last night and she didn’t disappoint.
Emma Dean

These guys were big organisers of the night or came with the idea and as the second last band they had the floor bouncing as they channeled as much Beatles vibe as they could with a rip-roaring cover of A Hard Day’s Night

Tyrone Noonan finished the night and was a treat pulling out the tin whistle, as was Tara Simmons who opened the night in a cello trio, 26 who also had a large string section, Asa Broomhall who shined in his one song and The Gin Club who also gave all they had to the night.

It was such a fantabulous night. Lots and lots of singing along πŸ™‚

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  1. When I saw this in the reader, I was going to post a comment about the cool beatles t-shirt I saw last night. Then I clicked to open it up and see the pics, and read the rest. And there it was, the same shirt. (actually, the one I saw was reverse colour, brown on yellow) I agree, a really cool shirt. And mine was being worn on a swede named Ulf, who looked like a 70’s beatle himself. Long wavy hair and beard.

    Where was this show? And do you have a shiny press pass necklace yet? When are we going to start seeing your concert work turn up in the street press reviews?

  2. Hey Helen, great shots!!! Was a brilliant night, word on the street is that the next charity show will be to raise money for the Troubadour to raise money for some aircondition πŸ˜‰ Do you mind if we use the shot you took? Good shots of me come few and far between, you must have some damn fine skills. Sorry once again for stepping on your toes, I do remember that.. I blame beer, lack of oxygen and beer. Take it easy.
    The Bloodpoets

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