Good Day Sunshine :)

Well I have some good news and than it follows with either good or bad news depending on how you look at it.

At the moment I am semi-busy applying for jobs as I find ones that a)interest me and b) I am semi-qualified for. Last Friday I sent off an application for a job. Monday I got a call back saying come in for an interview Tuesday arvo. Tuesday I hit the shops as I was shall we say lacking in the business suitable clothes department. Tuesday arvo I had the interview which went really well. Wednesday I got a call back saying I was on the shortlist and could I come in for an hour or so on Friday just to do a trial run of the job and have another chat. I went in and did the job for an hour or so, had a chat, met some more people and went home knowing that I had done my best and hopefully that was good enough for them. Friday arvo I get a call back saying I hadn’t got the job but could we keep your info on file as we are going to have a few vacancies in a couple of weeks that you may be interested in.

I didn’t get the job but I did get to the second round which is better than not passing the first round, the the beginnings of a business suitable work wear (and a pair of pretty killer shoes) and probably most of all experience in an interview and an idea of what questions they will ask in a the future.

I am still looking for that job ad which says “We are looking for Helen Palsson, are you here?” and then the job description of an job where I would utilise my degree and make a difference in the world in what ever way small or big.


Tomorrow night, this is going to be a treat in The Valley and I do believe that all those of you are in the Greater Brisbane area should come along to a) hear some great bands doing some great songs and b) to support a great cause. I am going, Clare is going, Clare is dragging people along, I am trying to drag my brother and his mates along. The Beatles need I say more?

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  1. what great news in getting to the 2nd interview – what terrific experience for the next one that comes along. Bet you looked cool.

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