We had the most fantastic night last night! Eyes darting all over the scene in front of us, our ears enchanted by the music, laughing at the antics of the clowns, smiling as the artists performed in the aisle in front of us, whispering and pointing as we spot artists appearing in different locations, playing with the masks in the shop and just absorbing the Cirque atmosphere.

We went Cirque du Soleil last night to see our fourth tour – Varekai (well forth for Mum and Matthew, the third for me) and oh what a magical show it was. Mum had got us the best seats, we were twelve rows back and smack bang in the middle, everything was laid out in front of us! Those seats were fantastic! Apart from Mum, Matthew and I, Grandad and one of my best friends Sam also came along.

One of the great things about this show is that there is a local boy(man) in the show, Steven Bishop and his assistant had the us holding our sides as their clowning antics sent us into fits of laughter.

Once again we were mesmerised by the costumes and make-up and would love to be able to see all the costumes close up and feel the beauty in them.

Now I really want to find a way to go to Las Vegas for the night so I can see the LOVE show as how could you top the music of the Beatles with the artistry of Cirque du Soleil?

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  1. love cirque du soleil! Jon and I saw Ka when we were in Vegas last year and it was amazing…cirque du soleil with an asian twist by the Canadian director Michael LePage.

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