Pumicestone Passage Kayaking

Mum and I had the most enjoyable weekend away. Though in saying that on Sunday arvo we were well and truly buggered. We were lucky to have the tide running with us on our way up to Mission Point on Saturday morning but returning on Sunday was a different story. It was just a matter of keeping paddling and setting a point ahead of you to reach. I don’t know about Mum but I know I spent a fair bit of the way home after lunch on Sunday just counting my paddle strokes up to 100 and then starting again. On Sunday arvo I think I was more than happy to never set foot in a kayak again as I just ached all over but when I woke up on Monday still slightly sore I was just about ready to jump back in the kayak and do it all again. Though I still reckon a little outboard on the back would be handy at times or perhaps just a sail.

One bad/good thing that came out of the weekend was the realisation that I really need to see someone about my feet as they constantly ached from using and resting them on the rudder peddles and now two days later they are still burning and I can only get some respite by wearing my Teva thongs which I have done 24/7 since getting home. Although I am all for getting a double feet transplant though I don’t think they do them yet. mmmm.

The weather was just magical, sunshiney days and a mild evening with not too many mozzies about. Spotting sting-rays, turtles, fish, sea cucumbers and various birds of prey in the water, the sky overhead and on the bank was great fun. As well as just chatting with the rest of the group or absorbing what people were saying.

All up we paddled about 50km which was a large step up from our previous paddling trips and was good training for a proposed trip next year of paddling across Moreton Bay across to either North Straddie or Moreton Island and then back.

And now all you are really after, which is of course the photos :).
Looking North
Shell and Sand
The Glasshouses
Hello Mr Web
Mangrove Helen Nest
Morning tea break
The Blue Dagger Pelicanus conspicillatus Mum exploring
Mum and I

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  1. It was a lovely weekend, Lady Jane. I also spent a lot of Sunday afternoon counting strokes up to 100. Helen makes a great kayak partner these days – she is a better paddler than her mother – it used to be the reverse! but she does get paid to lift weights twice a week and it shows. Thanks for doing so much extra paddling Helen.

    Love Mum

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