What is a Friend?

I found a piece of paper today which has a piece of prose I wrote in year 12 (2002) or it might have been year 11 (2001) but I am pretty sure it was year 12.

What is a Friend?
Is it someone you can trust with your life?
Is it someone who knows you almost as well as you do?
Is it someone you likes you for who you are and not what society wants you to be?
Is it someone who would give his or her life, so you could live?
Is it someone who will be there for you at the darkest point of your life?
Is it someone who asks you to the party on Friday?
Is it someone who will pass notes to you in class, even though you really should be listening?
Is it someone who rings you just to say good luck before the big test?
Is it someone who will join you on the walk of life?
Will they join you if you choose the road less travelled?
Will they do all of the above and thousands more just because they are your friend?

Looking back at it now I find a few things interesting in it.
I have never been a party girl so I find that line interesting. I rarely passed notes in class because I was terrified that the teacher would see and it would get back to Mum (one way to ensure your child doesn’t mess up, be a teacher at the school they attend).

Looking at this, I wish I could find copies of some of my other writings from high school I remember writing a pretty kick ass short story about a teenage boy and his search for the truth about his mother who died in childbirth and his grandparents’ apparent hate for their daughter. It was all top stuff. However, after a computer blowing up and a hard drive failure I lost most of my school work.

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  1. did you keep a journal? i’ve kept a journal steady for the past…let me count…since i was 14….and i’m 21….7 years. wow. i had no idea it had been that long. anyways, sometimes when i go back and read those entries i’m like whoa, who is that girl!

  2. I am glad you found this. And even more, I’m sorry you lost so much of your previous work.

    I admire your confidence; whenever I went back and read my stuff, I always thought it was crap. I still do that, with writing, with photography…I thik it’s great when I first do it but then as time goes on I pick and pick at it until I hate it.

    I hope you write more and post your creative writings sometimes.

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