heart attack

I gave Pabbi and myself a heart attack this morning when I looked at the results for an exam I had the other week.

I had looked at the table that was posted on the subject website early this morning and saw that I had gotten 8.6/20. I didn’t cry but I was distraught, how could I have gone so terribly wrong? Had I mixed up the letters for the multi choice? Were my two mini essays utter rubbish?

When I got to class the first thing he did was hand back the exam papers, I had a glance at the cover of mine to check my result and it said 15.8 not 8.6 like I was expecting. I flicked through the exam booklet checking the comments, they all correlated with the 15.8. All I could think was that he must have mistyped a result on the webpage.

I left class feeling extremely relieved about my mark.

When I got home a short while ago I went back to the website to double check what was posted and I noticed something very weird. I looked to see what the student number was for the person who received 15.8 and it was mine. I then looked to see what the student number was for the person who received 8.6 and saw that it contained the same seven numbers but two had their position switched! In my rush this morning to see what my mark was I had had a quick glance over the list and seemingly thought I had looked at the right result.

Moral of the Story: Even if there is only nineteen people in the subject still use the find button and type in your student number like you normally do in subjects with a hundred people!

When I looked at the mark sheet properly I also saw that I had topped the class with my 15.8/20! To say I was relieved was an understatement.

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  1. ah the panic when you think you have failed something!! i can never find my number and it only occured to me this year to do the whole find thing!! Sad i know πŸ™‚ Its prob not of any help now but they still put the student numbers in alphabetical order of names rather than numberical order…very strange but theres a tip for you too!!

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