Fireworks at the Ekka

Helen + Fireworks = One very happy Helen.

Really enough said. Fireworks have put a grin on my face and a twinkle in my eye for as long as I can remember and I can assure that is a very long time because I can remember things that happened years before my birth 20 years and 3 weeks ago πŸ˜‰ … well not quite.

Fireworks Over Sideshow Alley II

I remember going to the Ekka when we were younger and sitting on Machinery Hill watching the entertainment after a long day of fun at the Ekka and the hush that came about when the fireworks started. I remember racing out to our back balcony on New Years Eve catching glimpses of the fireworks over the tree line. I remember going to RiverFire in year 9 with Mum, Karl and Grandmum and having a blast watching the fireworks and then ripping a ligament in my ankle (playing silly buggers with Karl) which still gives me trouble today. I remember spending New Years Eve in Germany ’02/’03 and watching fireworks going off meters in front of me and then finding rocket sticks in the backyard in the morning and thinking to myself, gee imagine if you were a dog in the back yard and got hit by one of these? I remember leaving a NYE party early this year with Mum to drive back into Hobart to take photos of the Fireworks. When it comes to Fireworks I will go just about anywhere.

I love Fireworks.

Just as we did last year, Mum and I made the trip into the Kings Parking across the road from the Ekka to enjoy the show and what a show it was. A good variety of fireworks and a clear night with just the right amount of wind to carry away the smoke.

Fireworks Over Sideshow Alley VI Fireworks Over Sideshow Alley V Fireworks Over Sideshow Alley III Fireworks Over Sideshow Alley I Ride at Sideshow Alley

9 Replies to “Fireworks at the Ekka”

  1. Amazing shots of those fireworks – you must have had a “blast” taking them ! hehe !

    say “hi” to your mum from me.

    how long until that birthday of yours …. mmm … can’t be long now !

  2. Helen, those photos are fantastic! I had such a hard time taking pictures of just fireworks earlier this summer and these have a full perspective – just stunning. They seriously look like something out of one of my photography books. Very well done.

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