The All-American Rejects

Last night Sam and I went went along to The Arena to see The All-American Rejects, hellogoodbye and Avalon Drive.

Sam, her ticket and the gig poster

The Rejects were great, way better than when we saw them last year with Simple Plan, I would say they have developed their stage show more. It was a pretty good night overall and the plus of it been an all-ages show meant that it finished nice and early but of course the minus was all the under age kids who need to take the “etiquette of a rock concert” series of lessons that include a study of how a mosh pit works and how to behave in one. 18+ shows are fine, people all play nicely, all-age shows are a whole new ball game.

Damion Page Jesse Kurvink and Forrest Kline Forrest Kline Tyson Ritter II Tyson Ritter I

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  1. They were so much better than the first time!! And they put on a really good show too…they are def up there with Ben Lee πŸ™‚
    But no more all ages shows agreed??

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