This is Uni.

Today marks the end of week 3 at uni. 10 weeks left of teaching and 8 pieces of assessment to be completed by then. I spent time in the library last night after my class finished whilst I was waiting for Matthew to finish so we could drive home together, picking out books to start preparing for my first essay.

all day

This is a photo that I took at uni yesterday as I walked up out of the free all day parking section towards the bush path leading up to uni. Just before the uni land starts but on the road that only goes to Uni there is a section of probably 40 or 50 free all day car parking spaces which are highly sought after. I have driven to uni both times I have gone this week as I have been recovering from a nasty flu that knocked me for dead on Monday. Both times I have driven I have been lucky to get one of these parks instead of needing to drive round to the free parking that is located further away from uni. Because, we all know that free parking is much nicer than paying $5 for a day pass.

The map below shows where my uni is located, smack bang in Toohey Forest. I quite enjoy going to a uni that was built round the forest and from many rooms, if you look out the windows all you will see is trees as between most of the buildings there are patches of bush. When it has rained (what is rain?) or when the wind is blowing right, you can stand still and breathe in the air that is perfumed with the scents of the various Eucalyptus and Acacia that grow round the place.

The best thing is that since uni is right beside the SE freeway it only takes 8 minutes or so to drive there from the city (15mins during peak time). Then from the city to home is about 15-20mins (25-30 mins during peak time). If I catch the bus though it is 1hr 20mins to uni and 1hr from uni because the bus timetables don’t always work in your favour. I quite enjoy getting the buses to uni but it is so handy to be able to drive when you are going to the library with a big stack of books or are only going to uni for an hour or two.

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  1. i love the top picture! we totally don’t have free parking like that for all day! any of the free parking is for 2 hours max and it’s so hard to find a spot!

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