Blueberry and X Muffins

I first went to type this post the other day but just before I pressed “publishâ€? we had an itsy bitsy power surge which quickly erased my post. I can’t even really remember what most of the filler noise was that I had typed so it mustn’t have been important.

As often happens when I am making something I will wander to wherever Mum is at that time and start offering her my different flavour suggestions. This time it was a string of Blueberry and X muffins. Blueberry and Chocolate? Blueberry Poppy Seed? Blueberry with Sunflower Seed topping? Blueberry and Sultana? Blueberry and insert your own idea? Mum liked the idea of either chocolate or sultana but my mind was going for poppy seed or chocolate, after looking in the cupboard and seeing that there was no chocolate I decided to make half a batch with poppy seeds and half a batch with sultanas.

Blueberry Poppyseed, Blueberry Sultana Muffins

Blueberry and X Muffins
Adapted from the Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook (Fresh Fruit Muffin) via Cookbook 411Blueberry and Currant Muffins
Makes 18 medium muffins

1.5C plain flour
1.5C wholemeal plain flour
0.75C raw sugar
1.5tsp baking powder
1.5tsp salt
0.5C honey
1.5C milk
4 eggs
zest of a lemon or an orange
115g butter (melted)
200-300gish blueberries
poppy seeds, sultanas

Preheat oven to 180ºC, grease muffin pans.
Sift together the dry ingredients in a bowl and put to the side.
Mix the honey, milk, eggs, vanilla and zest together. Pour in the dry ingredients and mix till they are just incorporated. Whilst slowly mixing the mixture pour in the butter till it is mixed in.

Now you can have fun mixing in other things. I placed half the mixture back into the bowl which I had mixed the dry ingredients in and divided the berries between the two bowls. I added probably two tablespoons of poppy seeds to one half and two handfuls of chopped sultanas to the other half.

Cook for 25mins or until a skewer comes out clean. Cool in the pans for a while (5 mins) and then turn out onto wire racks to cool.

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  1. Sultanas are a type of dried grape. In Australia, New Zealand, the UK and other UK-English based countries we have three main types of dried grapes ranging from currants(the smallest) then sultanas and then raisins(the largest)

    What are Sultanas?

  2. sultanas? weird. we call them raisins no matter the size. 😉

    those look delicious! except i never have blueberries! i picked some this weekend and then ATE THEM ALL!

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