five days in one post

I have not done anything really exciting since my last post which is why I am always at odds if I should post or no. In saying that, here are my adventures from the last couple of days. Tonight brings to a close the Easter break from uni, which means that in the morning I start the uni routine again

Wednesday and Friday
I worked for Fiskars at the Stitches and Craft Show running make and takes through-out the day, making cards/tags to hang up on the wall and of course showing people how to properly use a Fiskars Shapecutter. Every couple of minutes or so, we would get a person walk up to us and say in these exact words, “I bought one of those things and I just can’t get it to work properly”. We would then sit them down and walk through the main areas in which people make mistakes and after a couple of minutes with us, they would be pros with the Shapecutter. Yeah!

Out of all the pretty stands at the show and all the pretty goods I walked away with two reels of 32 gauge wire and one reel of 28 gauge to crochet with. There were all these pretty things but I couldn’t justify buying things for which I had no planned use.
Thursday and Sunday
I was dreaming of doing uni work all day but yeah do you think that happened? I have though decided on the topics for the four essays I have left to do and done my readings for classes this week. In the time that I was not doing uni work (which was most of the time): I got rid of some more clothes in my wardrobe and rearranged what I had on hangers and what was in drawers, made “my best ever biscuits� with peanuts instead of hazelnut meal and some cinnamon as well mmm.

I went to work as I usually do but in my lunch break I nipped down to my old Girl Guide hut where Chermside Guides were celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. Unfortunately in the time I was there none of the girls from my “vintage� where there which was a bummer as I would have liked to have caught up with them instead I caught up with some of the leaders and some of the girls who were in Brownies when I was a Ranger Guide Helper.

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  1. So, obvious question, is there a way that the shapecutter could be improved upon that would eliminate the need for you to teach people the right way of using it?

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