No, I am not thinking of running off with a cowboy (eww!) but the mark I received on the essay I handed in last week. Are you ready?

90 out of 100! High Distinction baby! :):):):) I don’t ever recall ever getting a mark that high before so big thanks to my Mum for helping me proof-read it. I was very unsure of the mark I would receive I was expecting perhaps mid to high 70’s but no way was I expecting a 90. The lecturer for this subject knows Chinese politics etc probably better than the CPC themselves do so I am extremely happy with my mark πŸ™‚

I have now completed the initial applications for two graduate programs only 500 more to go.

On Saturday night Andrea who is one of my bestest friends celebrated her 21st birthday and her graduation all in one night. It was one hell of a night, lots of laughs lots of fantastic food. Dude, a rice buffet with black bean beef, curries and butter chicken (I love the butter chicken) and mmm sesame prawns or spring rolls can never say no to more spring rolls. Fantastic night πŸ™‚
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