I don’t know how I am going to live through this coming week, though I of course know I will.

Next week I have two mid-semester exams and a 750 word analysis on how a Chinese government whitepaper contributes to a better understanding of internal policy perspective (which is going to be hard).

Then in non-uni work I have five graduate programs to apply for between this Sunday and the following Sunday. I need to get into one of these programs, hopefully from the 20+ I am applying for I will get one. Otherwise I have no idea what I will be doing next year.

Tomorrow is a write-off in terms of getting uni work done as I am working 7-3 and am then driving up to a friend’s 21st/grad party 1hr north of here. Saying that I will get a bit of uni work done on my breaks at work but not much.

Though I haven’t had any late nights yet, I think next week might have a few πŸ™

On a less woo is me topic, check out these things.

Tracy’s wonderful new digital kits, that girl has “it” and always has and she’s my second mother so I am obliged to brag about her. Go check her kits out, you know you want to.

After all the hoo-ha the recent Tourism Australia ad caused in well everywhere except Australia. There was bound to be some spoofs. First is the original for you to watch and then some of the spoofs.

Where the bloody hell are you?

Spoof 1 – Really well done but if you don’t know much about current Australian politics it probably won’t make much sense.

Spoof 2 – Not as well done, this was from CNNN/The Chaser and still is mainly about current affairs in Australia but still great.

Spoof 3 – This is a series of interviews with tourists at Sydney Harbour, asking their views on the wording of the campaign and what would be more appropriate

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