April 4

me, april 4 2006Because I hate coming up with post titles, lets just use the date as the title. I don’t like posts without photos, so I took a photo of myself today just before I left for uni. Though my hair did not last long before I tied it up in a bun, I like having “longish” hair but I hate the feel of it getting sweaty on my neck. yuck.

I even wore a necklace to uni today, not something I usually do, it is one I made myself for a Scrapbook Creations article I did on making jewellery from Making Memories Stitched Tin Tiles probably two years ago now. I love those tiles.

On to cool things.

I was already ten months ago to make a grass couch in the backyard after seeing this article on the Readymade website and Mum was keen for it as well except we live in a place where that thing called water isn’t exactly growing on trees so if we wanted to have a grass couch in the backyard we would have to move a far, far way away. So dude, if I ever move somewhere where I could do such a thing, it would be the first thing on my agenda.

So imagine how much I loved this article on Treehugger today? Dude, could you imagine five or six of these in a circle, how much would it rock, lounging in grass chairs with a few cold ones with your mates on a Sunday arvo or lazying around on a sunny morning with the paper?

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