one desk, many purposes

First off, I want to thank you all for your comments on my last post, and I know there are many more blog birthdays coming up soon, so I want to see some more celebrations.

helen's desk

This is where I work, bludge, create, procrastinate, study, you know the usual.

If you click on the photo to view it at Flickr you can see all the little notes I have added to the picture.

This desk and shelves was a present from my ex-boyfriend for Christmas 2004, it allowed me to open up my room to have more space in as I previously had a desk and the old kitchen table in my room just to give me the workspace I wanted, it was cramped to say the least.

This is one big desk it is 2.6 long and 0.9m deep, computer gear at one end, creative space down the other end and uni stuff bang in the middle.

Due to the length, I can sit at the creative end whilst Mum is using the computer or I can sit on the desk and crochet whilst dangling my legs over the side. I love my desk.

The main feature are the two units designed for 8.5×11 paper and 12×12 paper respectively, they each have shelves that can be pulled out and re-arranged as needed. Like many scrapbookers, how I store my paper is a big factor in dictating how I use the paper, storing by company has never really worked for me as it never made sense, colour on the other hand is a much more Helen friendly method.

Arrangement 1 – cardstock on a shelf by colour in the 8.5×11 unit and paper on the neighbouring shelf in the 12×12 unit, with the extra shelves housing stickers, rub-ons etc. This was nice however it was difficult to flick through the shelves and I was collecting more 12×12 cardstock, which had no where to live.

Arrangement 2 – Pull out almost all the shelves in the 8.5×11 unit and arrange the cardstock (8.5×11 and 12×12) by colour standing vertically. Since I don’t have 9″ worth of cardstock the extra space was filled with my favourite idea books. This was much better except I wasn’t using much patterned paper now.

Arrangement 3 – Need to use more patterned paper, so pull all the patterned paper off their shelves and insert beside cardstock in 8.5×11 unit, much nicer and easier to deal with. Helen is now happy, but what about that space where the 12×12 paper used to be? Now filled up the idea books from the 8.5×11 unit, binder of UM stamps, box of paper scraps, photos etc. So much more practical.

Just a little insight into a portion of the 10.8m2 space which I like to call my room.

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  1. I have two pizza boxes which I cut the lid off and trimmed the height down a bit to fit in the shelf and in them are all my inks, UM blocks and pearl-ex sample size jars are in them and I just pull the box out of the shelf and get to work πŸ™‚ embossing powders and full size pearl-ex jars though are on another shelf.
    Pizza boxes may not look attractive but they work like a dream – I also though re-enforced the corners with tape.

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