Doing five subjects at uni is sooo much more work than doing the usual four subjects! All I seem to be doing is reading, reading, reading – the “joys” of doing an Arts course 🙂

Brief run down of the last couple of days.

Went to the MoB with Mum on Sunday to see Regarding Retro, not quite what we expected, we would have liked to actually seen the collections in the flesh instead of seeing photos of them – all those aprons would have been a treat.

After that we went into Silk Road to look at work shoes for me, after wearing a pair round the store for 45mins or so I have decided they are better than what I have had before but still no where near perfect. I am currently wearing them round the house this week to see how they feel for more extended periods of time before deciding what to do with them. They are a pair of Ecco Tail – lots of Gore-Tex and rubber so any dairy spills at work will not be a problem. Mum picked up a pair of Patagonia shorts and we drooled over the Women’s Therm-a-Rests very comfy and pink to boot.

Worked this morning before going to Uni for a lecture and a tute, currently doing this weeks readings for my International Relations Ethics subject and I am about to start work on a tutorial presentation on “Ownership and Management Problems in Chinese State Enterprisesâ€? as well a short essay providing an analysis of a Chinese Government whitepaper on the “Building of Political Democracy in China”.

My life basically consists of reading bricks, high-lighters, a pen and a wad of writing paper.

It seems that U2 will be coming to our shores in November – so a bit less than a year after we bought our tickets.

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  1. I’m soooo glad that im not the only person whos life is now revolving around uni!!! I had to spend Saturday night at the library doing research!! How lame 🙁 Shame about U2 but atleast they are still coming!

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