U2 when?

Well Andrea, her Matthew and I won’t be going to see U2 in 11 days 🙁

The Asia-Pacific tour was postponed yesterday morning due to an illness of an immediate family member. So we get to play the waiting game as to when U2 will be able to make it out to the A-P to play the tour.

One good thing comes out of this, I don’t think Kanye West will be support act for the postponed tour as his A-P tour is still going ahead for March and April 🙂 I really not a big fan of his, I wonder who we will get??

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  1. I was in the city on my lunch break and overheard someone talking on their mobile…U2’s been cancelled…no, I thought it’s a joke, and I shouldn’t be eavesdropping…but I get back to work and the hubby calls, it’s true…BUGGER! (I didn’t have a babysitter anyway..)Hope the rescheduled one’s on a Friday, and yeah a better support act! (Thanks for dropping by & commenting on my blog btw..)

  2. …so you ain’t no gold digger!!!!!!

    Hope they pick a date that suits, cause that would be reason to really be upset LOL

  3. WAAAAA! Oh well, let’s just hope that the tour will be even bigger and better than if it had been this month :S Not very much notice though! Don’t worry Helen, we’ll get there… we’ll get there.

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