Total Bargain

For all things that come to an end, something else begins, well that was my reasoning in arguing for the Christmas Tree to stay up till I went back to uni. Well actually it was that Mum and I would be away for the twelve days of Christmas and we wanted to be able to enjoy the tree πŸ™‚ Yep I go back to uni in 17hrs so the tree was taken down today. Even though I had rigged up a watering system for it this year to ensure it stayed green for as long as possible, it died quite a few days ago. Almost everyday Pabbi would whinge and whine asking if the tree would be taken down today, the answer was always just a couple of more days. The living room now has a bare patch and the curtains lack decoration now as well. Oh well, Christmas always comes around soon enough.

Whilst on my lunch break yesterday I spent a delightful time at the clearance racks in Myer and I walked out with a pair of stone coloured Italian cotton Country Road pants (which means I now have 3 pairs of gorgeous CR styled pants) and a gorgeous emerald green silk v-neck top. Which I wore of course when I went out last night to farewell my night fill manager, who at the tender age of 20!! is going to be trading manager (i.e. 3rd in charge) of the Bi-Lo store at Airlie Beach. He’ll be a store manager in ten years or so probably.

Whilst looking on the racks I also saw this gorgeous pleated silk Country Road balloon skirt which I tried on and loved except it had this one problem, I didn’t like the balloon look, which Mum tells me was high fashion in 1957 and that people would add netting so that they would balloon up even more.My plan was/is to unpick the skirt from the lining and kill that balloon look and hem the bottom so it would just be a straight pleated skirt but I am slightly sort of starting to like the mini balloon. Who knows?

Mum and I went back this morning to look at the balloon skirt which I did pick up and I managed to get another Country Road skirt which will be nice for uni and a pair of cropped JAG jeans also perfect for days at Uni when jeans would just be death due to the heat πŸ™‚

Grand total for 1 top (AU$99.95), 2 pants (AU$99.95 & AU$189) and 2 skirts (AU$229 & AU$ 139) at RRP AU$756.90.

Price I paid after staff discount and two stages of clearance? AU$267.27

Total bargain, I say πŸ™‚

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