cro, cro, cro, crochet

As a kid when I remember sitting at the table after tea with a ball of number 10 crochet cotton in a purple I think and just making a very, very, very long chain.

Fast forward ohh ten years and I have started to actually crochet. I had started playing with different hooks and whatever cotton, yarn, wool that I could find round home a month or so ago but not really with any luck as Mum had told me to try to figure it all out myself.

Fast forward again to getting ready for the trip, I picked up some crochet books from the library, packed up the hooks and yarns etc into a workbasket and said I am going to be able to crochet by the end of this trip.

So whilst on the ferry across the Bass Strait, I sat down with the Crocheting for Dummies Book, a hook and some number 10 thread and started practicing, of course Mum couldn’t her hands off it and helped me getting started and showed me tips etc etc.

Since then I have done a lot of my own experimenting, figuring out different stitches based on how others are constructed, making fillet crochet etc, etc. Just playing with things to see what I could discover.

About ohh five days ago, I decided I was now up to following a pattern to see what I create, so I made a free-form basket from a quite hip book called Hip to Crochet and I am nearing the end of my second project from that book which is a drawstring bag, which I had the idea this morning that the basic idea of a crochet drawstring bag could be easily adapted to be a rock-climbing chalk bag for those climbers in my family πŸ™‚

Having lots of fun and crocheting everywhere, in bed, at cafes, walking down the road, in the car and walking through busy street markets either with a ball of yarn in my pocket or in my handbag. This is of course resulting in some very cool photos which Mum is taking for the Helen’s Extreme Crochet πŸ™‚ similar to the Extreme Ironing

I also had to go into spotlight today to get some of the yarn I am using for the bag and not only walked out with the yarn I was after but some balls of this gorgeous mohair and some alpaca as well and Mum knew that as soon as I got into it she would get back into crochet and knitting so she of course picked up some balls of yarns at the same time :):)

Till some time πŸ™‚

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