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Mum and I have just spent the last 3 days taking in the some of the not-so classic iconic sights of North-East Tasmania as well as coming home via the Great Lake and Derwent Valley.

Biggest thing to note is that we came across 2 Echidnas in the space of probably 1.5hrs today!!!!! 2 in ONE day!!!

I think I have seen 3 in the wild before in my short 20 year life and Mum has not seen that many more – we are relatively speaking quite lucky in our sightings.

Loving the fields and fields of Opium Poppies with all the signs and fencing as well as the processing plant that looks like a prison.

Having a picnic lunch in the car-park at Lake St Clair whilst batting the giant Mozzie’s away who whilst large were quite slow fliers.

Walking along the northern end of the Bay of Fires Beach on the NE Coast on sand so white it looked like bleached sheets.

Staying the night in the coastal holiday town of St Helens …. and of course taking photos of myself with St Helens sign πŸ™‚

Walking and taking in the sights of the largest Lavender farm in the southern hemisphere at Bridstowe Estate and sampling some Lavender Coconut Ice, Lavender Cheese and Lavender Fudge.

Visiting a Seahorse Farm at Beauty Point – really quite cool to see how they farm them for the aquarium and Chinese Medicine trade.

Heaps of other things and many more from before we went on our jaunt.

Photos will of course have to wait till I get home to have computer time and power to process the RAWs.

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  1. Sounds LOVELY Helen! I really wish I’d have traveled more before I had kids…now I just need to raise them and get them out of the house so I can still travel before I’m too old, lol. Can’t wait to see some photos!

  2. Sound slike you are having a great time Helen.
    My DH and I spent a couple of weeks in TASMANIA 3 years ago and we loved it.
    So much history and culture to see.
    We were a little dissappointed at the Seahorse place at Beauty Point.
    Looking forward to having lunch with you next Tuesday.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!


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