and she hits herself on head x5


A few of you may have heard of the debacle I had with my Green Day tickets for the concert back in March, to cut a long story short for those who haven’t heard it, I lost my ticket as well as Matthew’s and his girlfriend at the time tickets for the show. I pulled apart my room literally twice looking for them; furniture was pulled from the wall in case they had fallen behind. The searches were futile. All evidence pointed to the fact that I must have thrown them out.

So after many talks with Ticketek, I was told that only I would be able to have my ticket replaced as I was in the seating section, however since Matthew and Daisie were in the standing section, they would just have to loose out. I was devastated, as Matthew was giving Daisie the ticket for her birthday, on the day of the show however, some more tickets came on sale but only for the seated section, so I bought two more tickets so Matthew and Daisie could go. The fact that I lost them also meant that my seat was costing me $188.40 to see them opposed to the $62.80 for everyone else.

Well today, just over a year since I had brought the tickets, I found them, hiding in my jewellery case.I proceeded to hit myself on the head countless times over. I wonder if I could sell them on Ebay???

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  1. Oh you sound like me! Today I found an uncashed check on my desk from June of 2004. I’m wondering if I can cash that baby and buy some more Xmas presents! LOL

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