Blossoms and movies

Blossoms As some of you may know I have recently had no real interest in scrapbooking but yesterday I printed off some photos and then this evening I sat down to have a little play and popped out this one. As long as I don’t spend too much time chatting to people on Messenger I am a relatively quick scrapper, as an image will pop into my head fairly quickly after selecting photos and cardstock and finish most pages in about 30 minutes.

AS part of my anti-boredness campaign, I rented a few DVD’s out the other day, I picked up Kinsey(which was so not what I expected), Crazy/Beautiful (oh the Romeo and Juliet story line set in teen angst, really liked this movie, seemed so real, the turmoil that Carlos had between his family and Nicole, etc etc good stuff and well Jay Hernandez the actor playing Carlos is pretty nice looking), Beyond Borders (really liked how this movie spanned the three events over the period of ten years and well the scene in the beginning where Clive Owens comes barging in just sets the whole scene) and finally Napoleon Dynamite(I got this out after hearing so many people rave on about it but I have to say I didn’t really think it was much of a decent thing, sure it was different to most films but still so not what I felt it was cracked up to be).

The Patchwork Tree had a sale today so I popped on down to add to my stash, I picked up some Amy Butler Charm fabrics as well as some more Japanese imports, oh I wish I could find that company’s website as I would be in heaven.

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  1. I’m so sorry to post again but I just realized I didn’t mention Napoleon Dynamite. I firmly believe that the level of which you enjoy that movie is directly related to the people you watch it with. The first time I saw it with my friend who went in very skeptical because his roommates were obsessed with it. He didn’t really like it so I didn’t think I did either. But after seeing it with people who loved it and helped me see the humor in it, I think it’s HILARIOUS! Granted, it was made by grads of our university and has a couple of things that are unique to our culture. But STILL. I wish you could watch it with us! 🙂

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