the quilt is posted

Christmas is coming and that means full steam ahead on all creations, the bummer is that most/all of the people I am making gifts for read this thing, so I can’t exactly post photos of them till they get them which isn’t for ages yet 🙁

However I can say that my back is sore from the amount of free motion machine quilting I have done in the last day or so, the person who gets this present is very lucky because if it wasn’t Christmas I would be keeping it myself! Full of blood, sweat and tears I tell you well actually full of 3 bobbins of thread! Thanks for Mum for showing me how to do free motion quilting.

Yesterday I also posted Jökull’s quilt so as long as the ship sails smoothly, he should see it in three to four months. I even wrote Jökull the Glacier Boy on the shipping label 🙂

Quilt 1 backing fabric

Exams finished 1 week ago and I am already going stir crazy! Only 3 and a bit months left of summer holidays. ugg. I am already lined up to make Matthew three new pairs of pyjamas and to clean the kitchen and living room (paid work) so maybe it won’t be too bad. On Sunday I am going to see Ben Lee at the Zoo with Sam and Andrea 🙂 so that will be good, happy days. 🙂

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  1. This looks great Helen!!! Thank you so much for this.

    Please say hi to the family for me.

    All the best from Iceland, Herdís Pála.

  2. Time to make

    I only worked on it mainly during school holidays and some weekends. I am also not one to do something all day – there is something like 120 blocks that make it up each with 3 pieces of fabric – I know it took me a 3 or afternoons cutting them out and then probably 4 or so sessions to sew and iron each block. Then another sessions to piece it together as my Mum knows this very quick and easy way to piece the blocks together which keeps everything in order and minimises the amount of times you need to cut the thread. One more session putting on the sashing and pinning it together to quilt. Then say 3 sessions doing the quilting – just along all the seams and then one more to sew on the first stage of the binding and which my Mum was kind enough to do the hand sewing for the final stage of the binding. Probably all up 3 or so continious weeks of off and on sewing.

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