my friends are very fruity indeed

Yes, they are such fun to have around 🙂 A quick catch up of the last couple of days. Last Thursday night, Ali (and Liam) and I went to see The Whitlams at The Zoo, Ali has a very good write up of the concert – go here.Helen and The Whitlams, they roll off the tongue like yogo and bread, cherries and milk, Summer and Seth, etc all such perfect matches. I was first introduced to The Whitlams in late 1998 and well since then, they have always been there for me and I am proud to say they are the only band for which I actually own each CD (Timmie, I could never steal your music!). However I have only seen them as a band twice, Tim and Jack as a duo once and an amazing concert with Tim and The Australian Chamber Orchestra at the Concert Hall. This concert is going to always stand out in my Whitlam memory as one of the greatest, just such pure energy all round, from the band, from the crowd, from Tim saying thank you after each song (at least 23 times, since that is how many songs they played :))Happy Times, nothing beats the Whitlams, they are one of those bands where every single song just rocks 🙂
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Friday evening was Rachel’s 21st so Andrea and I hammed it up at the
Toowong Bowl’s Club for a sausage sizzle, rounds of barefoot bowls, lots of talk and enjoying Rach’s day. Laughs all round as we tried our dandiest to get the bowl near the jack. Rachel scored a bunch of totally awesome presents as well 🙂 From me, she received 18×12 print of Fern Awakening, which is the very first time I have given someone a print of my work 🙂
Saturday – Exam = > Boring!
Then on Sunday night, Mum, Granddad, Sam and I joined NPAQ for a Batty Bat Cruise, lots of fun, enjoying a cruise up the river to Indro Island, checking out all the water front houses, chilling, talking and enjoying a sausage sizzle.
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  1. Hey Helen! Had a great time wit you on Friday night…. exam today sure sucked! Well, take care, look forward to seeing more photos! Love, Andrea xo

  2. Hey mate!

    Your Timmy photos came out so brilliantly!!! Love ’em!!! Thanks heaps for a fabulous night!!!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, too!!!
    Ali 🙂

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