Dear Mr Parcel Man

You know where I live, you even know my name, you know what time I am normally at home.

So please tell me why are holding my parcels hostage? Have you taken up scrapbooking?

Please have them on my bed when I get home from work tonight or I can accept tomorrow.

You are always so good at getting my parcels to me, never more than 8 days from the USA, normally it is 5-6. Where are they this time?

Every time I walk past the front door, I pause to see if you have pulled up, I hear a car in the street and I look to see if it is you.

Please Mr Parcel Man, I need you to deliver my parcels as soon as you can.


4 Replies to “Dear Mr Parcel Man”

  1. Did you listen to that song by the Decemberists that I sent you? “Mr. Postman do you have a letter for me?” You can cut out the part “from my own true love lost at sea…” and then it would be fairly applicable!

  2. You are SO SILLY Helen! LOL
    I feel your pain, I too perch at the widow waiting like a dog…panting… “mail…mail…mail…package…package…package”
    The FedEx man came to my house 2 days in a row this week… JOY??!!

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