Glacier Boy

Well I went to see one of my lecturers today, after not been happy with the mark I had received for an essay (65/100). When I first walked in he said he had already decided to push it up to 68/100 as he felt that he probably marked me harder than others, after chatting with him some more about my essay he bumped it up to 70/100. Yehaw!

Busy in the midst of starting another essay on possible effects of terrorism on the economies of states in East Asia and finishing off a quilt for my nephew Jökull or if you want to be pedantic, my half-sister’s step son. My family tree is a tree with branches all over the place 🙂

When I first went to Iceland at the end of 2002, the quilts that Mum had made for her step-grandchildren were proudly covering every bed, when I got home I said to Mum, you should make quilts for the step-step grandkids as well. She said I will make two; you can make the other two. So Mum has made one for Toti’s eldest step-child, Anna Rún and has the fabric for the other one for Stefan. I was delegated to make quilts for Herdis’s step-kids, the first one was sent off for her eldest step-son, Krissi after last year’s show and now I am in the final stages of the quilt for her other step-son, Jökull or as we call him “Little Glacier Boy” as Jökull means glacier in Icelandic for this year’s show.

When it came to naming the quilt for the competition, I expanded on Jökull’s name and titled the quilt “Magical Powers for Glacier Boy” and in the comment section said a little bit about Jökull and how he is Iceland’s answer to Superman 🙂 Depending on which banner you get when you load my blog, you may have seen Jökull showing off his magical powers lifting rocks to make a dam. Dam Builders

Well enough with all the chatter, here is the quilt, tonight I sewed the blue borders on to the quilt top and tomorrow, Mum and I are going shopping for the backing fabric

Glacier Boy

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  1. Wow Helen, I had no idea this is great, am looking so forward to get this quilt for my son (step-son). You talk about him as some kind of Superman, well I can tell you, we somtimes call him Dennis the Menace!!!! Him, with his red hair and big ears, and most of the time more than a handful 🙂

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