After way too many weeks of me giving Mum most of my paycheck and then fairly often having to get money back off her I now own my 350D

Yehaw! Now since she is all mine, I have to come up with a name. Olga the second is what comes to mind at the moment in memory of my basoon from high school. Any other ideas???

This of course means that I can start pouring money into glass and other sorts. I don’t think I yet want a telephoto zoom as most of my images are at wide angle end of my lenses. I am currently tossing up between a Pelang 8mm Fisheye or a Zenitar 16mm Fisheye. Both are Eastern European made lenses that get rave reviews, when paired with the 1.6x crop loose a bit of the fishiness but still work very well. Oh which one to get?

I am also quite piqued by the Canon 100m 2.8 Macro, it would serve two purposes for me; providing a bit extra reach than the 24-85mm gives me at the moment as well as the macro aspect.

Choices, choices, choices.

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  1. Guess who’s so beyond jealous?? Me! I got a rebel when I graduated high school and I loved it but I’m too high tech of a gal now to not have a digital camera. And after having an SLR I can’t possibly now go to a point and shoot digi cam. I’m hoping to find a good deal on a nice digi SLR! (Or if my dad sells some more pics out at the gallery show before it closes, he might by a new cam and give me the 10D…..I should be so lucky! He’ll probably decide he needs it for a backup!)

  2. get the 10-20 or 12-22 or whatever it is.
    the fisheye’s going to be a bitch to use rectinlinear, and even _you_ would probably run out of thigns that look good as is.

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