giggling gertie

That is what I am at the moment.
You see I was meant to start work at 5am this morning like I do every monday to put up the new price tickets in the dairy section so all shoppers are happy, knowing they have the right price for their milk and frozen veg. All well and good I double checked my alarm making sure it said 4:25am and it was on buzzer because the radio never wakes me up.

However, did I check to see if the time was right? nope my clock was twelve hours ahead! Yesterday in my cleaning, I had knocked the alarm cord out replugged in pretty close to midday so it was only “5 mins” out when I fixed the time last night, I had said to myself when I sat down to do it, have to change it from am to pm. Did I though? Nope.

So when Mum woke me up at 10 to 7 and I rang work, I sure gave them all a fit of giggles over my tale of my alarm clock and I crashed back to bed giggling my head off πŸ™‚

So to give you the giggling gerties here are some things to share.

– This ad, whilst been one for an Australian beer is not just for the beer drinkers, this is for everyone, an utter crack-up of an ad, some of you have seen it, some have not. I still watch it every couple of days.

Rare Exports Inc by – Another ad for adult beverages, this one however was designed for the launch of a new pre-mixed drink in Finland was shown before movies in the cinema. . Note it is a large (66mb) download but so, so worth it.

Something for those with lower back tats – – Another total crack up.

– The plates and mixing spoons were in out saturday paper, which Mum and I fell in adoration for and then on the website they have pj’s! So want some of them

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  1. Ha ha! I hate those oversleeping stories! Especially when you have to call into work! I did that this summer, set my alarm for the wrong time, and I had to call in like 2 minutes before I was supposed to be there and in my sleepy voice say “ummm I think I’m gonna be late.” And then they were mad that I didn’t bring donuts!

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