New Music Find: Ian Broudie

I was watching some OC Season 3 previews and as always I was intrigued by the music in the background, very much reminded me of a male Missy Higgins, or an older Ben Lee or The Mountain Goats with less twang. So I sat at my computer googling and googling some the lyrics trying to find out who was singing this utterly beautiful song, eventually I hit on the right keywords and found out that the song playing was “Song for No One” by Ian Broudie

From night skies dressed in clouds
Morning came, your taste in my mouth
I like the way that your hair falls down in your eyes
And you blush when you smile
When sleep combs your side then far away flies

I love the way that you stare when the sleep fills your eyes
So yesterday has gone
Who knows, tomorrow may bring all we’ll desire
Tomorrow brings the sun

Kiss the world with fingers crossed
I’ve kissed the world with fingers crossed
I’ve been praised
I’ve been cursed
I’ve been blamed
And I’ve won
And I’ve lost

On waves that fill your heart
The future glides
I hope the serpents in the tide
Are all gone
What’s done is done

A song for no one’s in my hand
A song they’ll never understand
Til I have gone
And tomorrow brings the sun

It is just such a pure song, he has a superb voice πŸ™‚ Go out and try to find some Ian Broudie, you could not be dissapointed.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation on the song. I heard it as background music in series 3 episode 1 of the OC, and never really noticed it. But maybe because I was in my “melancoly” state, so I picked up on it. So googled that bit in the song “Kiss the world with fingers crossed”, quite original, and this page came up.

    So I thank you :o)

  2. thank you so much for the author and name of that song! i heard it on the oc too, and i fell in love with it and have been looking for it ever since. i found your site through google after i searched the lyrics. thank you SO much!!!

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