simple day

Today, was a simple day, spending time with my mum going shopping with her, something I can’t remember the last time I had done. Buying a new sæng(doona) and then buying a new quilt cover set that my parents will give me for my birthday next month – Paisley by Esprit. It is so utterly gorgeous and I can’t wait till I get it on my birthday :):)
Finding a new magazine in the newsagent is always fun, even better when it is very similar in style to Real Simple but is a home-grown aussie publication called Notebook. The issue I picked up was the launch issue and I can see this magazine filling a niche in our domestic magazine price and it is over half the price and more pages than Real Simple as well. Bonus 🙂

Tonight Sweet Home Alabama was on the Telly, so I grabbed my sæng, all nice, new and fluffy and settled down for a good chick flick. That movie always makes me smile 🙂
Work tomorrow, I start in 6hrs so it is off to bed now 🙂

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