silly flu.

Well, I have the Flu not the fake flu which people say they have when all they actually have is a cold, I have the whole shebang, hot and cold swings, aches in the joints, very sore eyes etc and that all comes and goes at the day progresses – fine when the sun is shining but just awful when the sun goes to bed.

Sleep is awful as I can’t stay in one position too long as my bones get sore, have to have the quilt over my face so no light gets in and then I am ripping my covers off and pulling them back on as I get hot and cold. Blah Blah, makes me feel awful at night.

I hadn’t really thought anything of it, just thought I was a bit crook, however this morning I got up to grab some pain killers to try to get my temp and headache down a bit when I collapsed and passed out in Mum’s arms when she was giving me a hug, apparently I just flopped like a rag doll and my eyes rolled back – quite scary she said.

She lay me down on the floor, wrapped me with my quilts and called the ambulance, they arrived shortly after and said it sounds and looks just like the flu but since my blood pressure was very, very low. My systolic pressure, laying down was 70 as in it was 70 over something even lower, they didn’t measure the diastolic as they get enough info about the patient from the systolic. By the time I got out to the stretcher and in the ambulance my systolic was up to 100 which was much more healthy.

Got to the hospital, yeah you have the flu, nothing we can do other than to test your haemoglobin to make sure it is fine (yep 140), check your blood pressure sitting and laying down (yep all fine and no change in them) and whilst we wait for the blood results may as well pump some saline into you to give you a bit of an energy boost.

All fine now except for the aching eyes that don’t go away and approaching night where the saga will start again. So much fun but at least I got to ride in an Ambulance 🙂

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  1. swww…helen! how scray! I am sure your mom must have been terrified! I am glad to hear it is the flu and nothing more serious…although i am sure that doesn’t make your flu feel any better! I am sending get way vibes all the way to you!

  2. Pretty scary stuff…I sure hope you’re feeling better! Drink lots of Gatorade to get those electrolytes back into gear!
    (I know what you mean about the ambulance ride…soem of those guys are SO cute! 🙂
    Thinkin’ of you!

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