A Very Lemony Chicken

Since the parents are away, it gives Matthew and I more time to be creative with what we cook. Before we went shopping yesterday, we drew a list of who was cooking what night and what ideas they had, well last night was me and I decided I would try to re-create a prepared roast chicken I had bought from the shops a while ago – Olive Oil and Garlic Chicken – it was amazing.

I started off with a chicken, cut the slit connecting the skin to the meat so I was able to put stuff under the skin, crushed a few garlic cloves and slid them under as well as a few slices of lemon, hoping for a garlic taste with a hint of lemon (hoping). Then I prepared the stuffing, adding a couple of cloves of garlic and some lemon juice as well. Then I stuffed the chicken, placed another slice of lemon at the opening of the chicken and stuffed some more garlic cloves in round the lemon slices.

Basted the chicken with garlic infuesed olive oil that I had made in the morning with a couple of drops of lemon juice in it. Put in to roast and plaved the veggies in 30mins later all basted with the same olive oil.

Well the veggies were perfect, roasted golden, right texture and a wonderful hint of garlic and lemon. However I very much went overboard with the lemon in the chicken πŸ™‚ couldn’t taste any of the garlic but sure could with the lemon.

Lesson for next time – cut back on the lemon πŸ™‚

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