At home

Yesterday Matthew and I arrived home.
Relativley un-eventful flight, watched a couple of movies, played some blackjack and poker, looked down over the sea and land, deciding where we were and then confirming it with the map on the tv, playing with my camera taking long exposures.

Sean picked us from the airport, then we were homeward bound, looking at the sights, seeing what had changed. After putting on some washing, I headed back to Sean’s place to get ready for a day at the races – Brooke had given us member’s and gate entry passes, so we were able to enjoy the day in resonable style, placing bets with Brooke’s father or the counter in the bar, cheering on the horses, consulting the form guide to decide the best choice and then sometimes winning πŸ™‚ A very, very fun day out until the flight caught up with me and I started falling asleep on my bar stool :O, After the last race of the day, Sean and I decided to skip dinner out and just go home so I could sleep and sleep I did for 12hrs or so.

Today was cricket as usual and a fun day it was, apart from the fact that it was the semi-final (they lost), Brooke, Emma and Donna all came out for the afternoon when the boys were batting, I had gone and vistited Barb and her family while they were fielding. So a girlish afternoon was had in the very warm winter sun.

Just had dinner, dreading going through my photos tommorow and heading off to bed.

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  1. so glad you made it home safely….look at you, already out and about after such a flight….I would have been snooozing the day away….I guess that’s what being young is all about. enjoy your photo’s H. hugs.

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