The family gathering

má ég taka mynd – the phrase that cames out of Birta’s mouth all the time when she sees a camera, it means may I take a photo. Over the course of the weekend, from the 200 photos I took, I estimate over half of them were taken either by Birta or her sister Silja and then sometimes as well Matthew.

All in all the weekend was a great time, the sun shined m ost of the time, the wind was always there and the grass was always green.

Our time was fillled tickling little family members, damming rivers, skimming stones at the beach, eating and singing (a lot), it was filled with laughter,

We are back at Karl’s house now and where we picked up mum’s sister Margaret who is joining us on our trip round the country.

We are off to stay with one of my aunts tonight and then off to visit the west fjords where my parents used to live.

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  1. helen, have been thinking of you and hope you are having a wonderful time away…… traveling!

  2. salivating over the pictures you have posted (well not the fish one) and waiting impatiently for more… 🙂 🙂

    Karyn and I are heading to a viking festival tomorrow and an Icelandic picnic at the end of the month… not quite a trip like yours but, were trying 🙂

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