the Club of Jim Beringer

Yesterday Matthew was watching me type in some of my 101 in 1001 goals and started asking me about zinfandels and how I should start looking harder in the bottle shops as I might just find some. So Matthew and I went down to the liquor superstore and 7-11 yesterday to pick up whatever we found interesting and some slurpees.
Well after ohhing and ahhing over some of the spirits (most of the spirits and upper range wine is kept in glass cabinets with locks on) and Matthew debating what he wanted to get we had a browse in the wine section. All of a sudden Matthew asks me what was the type of wine I was after and I said Zinfandel, he goes is this one? Well imagine my surprise when he showed me a Beringer 2003 White Zinfandel and then I saw the price AU$8.95 (US$6.80) wow what a bargain price for an imported wine. I picked up a bottle and asked one of the workers if they had any red Zins and he said no πŸ™ though they do get them from time to time.

Matthew bought a bottle of Jim Beam Rye and a bottle of Candian Club Classic 12 I also saw some spirits that I will try when I return from Iceland, one was an UK 5 Organic vodka, looks quite interesting.

Then slurpees – they had Mountain Dew in the machines – very nice slurpee πŸ™‚

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  1. I don’t think I have heard of anything sweeter today than just going down to the shop for slurpees – I love hearing such sweet things as this…. Helen what is that font today? I love it.

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