101 things in 1001 days

Karyn is doing it, I decided I want to do it, so this list will grow and grow till I reach my target. According to the date calculator I have until March 11, 2008 to complete this list or at least make a fair attempt at it.

1) add some more RAM into my computer Done – see this post
2) address dress standards with the local clubs
3) be a tourist in my own city with my camera
4) buy a funky dress for B&D’s wedding Skirt bought from FCUK in London.
5) check out local digital printing options
6) clean my fan done just before I left for Iceland.
7) continue to pass all my assesmentPassed all subjects Sem 1 2005 🙂
8) craft more creations
9) create a wearable art dress
10) decide on a major Doing the dual – IR/history&politics
11) do some early morning portraits in the city/valley
12) do some serious exercise regurarly
13) do something drastic with my hair A cut in London and then colour from Kaliope
14) don’t leave dirty clothes round my room. doing pretty good oct ’05
15) drink a Ravenswood Zinfandel California Vintners Blend again
16) drink some Jever again
17) exercise
18) explore more world and jazz music
19) finish my degree
20) finish the quilt – done and entered in the quilt show (oct ’05)
21) get a new camera bag
22) get a new pair of sunnies
23) get a webcam Yep see here
24) get more yellow patterned paper
25) get pink nail polish.
26) get some new funky bed linen Got some for my 20th bday
27) go back to Hohenkirchen
28) go back to the SF bay area
29) go to a dropkick murphys gig
30) go to the races Tats day, the day we came back from Iceland
31) have a better food variety in my diet – should be at least 25 different items a day.
32) have some more work published overseas
33) hook up with the melbourne peas in december 05/jan 06
34) improve my essay writing
35) keep track of the books I read
36) keep up to date with my readings
37) learn a whole lot more Icelandic
38) learn some more PHP
39) meet some internet buddies met Ali oct 20 05
40) move out of home
41) pick up some wacky things from an antiques shop
42) play a game of netball
43) play footy again
44) play the bassoon again
45) procrastination is something I wish to reduce
46) see a wallabies game
47) see the doc about my poor feet – the pain has to stop
48) see u2 in concert
49) sort out some way to display my photos
50) go to the next Bomber’s game in brisbane
51) track down my Aunt Pauline or her daughters
52) update my photo blog more often every day now 🙂
53) use my quadcam camera at last finished a roll and got it developed – sept 05
54) visit the op shops more often
55) visit the reading room at the British Museum UPDATE – missed out on my last trip to London due to the damm bombers on July 21.
56) work on a another book
57) update the front page of my site. all done and much better now
58) create some business cards.
59) apply for icelandic citizenship UPDATE – Ran out of time to do this on my last trip to Iceland
60) buy an item of clothing either from 66° North or from cintamani
61) print some of my photos for my walls
62) exercise more restraint on junk food
63) return to Iceland again
64) become semi-profecient in Icelandic
65) put a message in a bottle and give it to the waves
66) make something from driftwood
67) work on getting contributions for my book
68) go to the rugby world cup in france in 2007
69) get my veggie garden back in order
70) build something
71) have a successful beach combing day
72) take a sailing trip
73) visit another glacier
74) explore Australia
75) visit a distant friend or two
76) buy a car
77) start cycling again
78) decide on a plan of action for my fake tooth
100) publish my book.
101) do everything on this list

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  1. this is such a great list, I really should do this. I’m afraid that I’d be the loser who didn’t do half my list. LOL Almost everything I say I’m going to start doing more often, I never get around to, especially reading. LOL

    Get those feet taken care of, can’t imagine walking around in pain! Hugs.

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