Some things I love right now

Finding ink for my printer in the clearance section at Officeworks – Saved $6 just because someone bought the wrong one!

Mum buying me a very funky red polartec jumper for Iceland/rest of my life. It rocks!

The Aussie thread peas for deciding to run an inspired by me challenge, I feel so honoured! Can’t wait to see what they do!

My BrisPea friends for rocking out and always making me laugh! Barb, Beth, Hayley and Leanne and of course their children and husbands for cracking me up as well.

Having ink in my printer, I can print photos!! Have put off buying a new cartridge for a while so my printer has been in hibernation.

Working on my quilt for my eldest sister’s step-son. 14 days to get it done!

This cool link from AmyGBaby Name timeline (my name is dying a slow, slow death)

My little brother Matthew (who is taller and possibly has more hair then I do.. well not quite) for just been so cute with how he views the world.

New books from the library.

Giving Sean the canvas I drew and the message I got this morning saying how much it rocks.

The new albums from Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and Michael Buble. Ultra cool music!

11 days till the new Dropkick Murphys album comes out!

13 days till my exams finish!

15 days till we leave for Iceland!

7 Replies to “Some things I love right now”

  1. Helen I am so glad I rock out – whatever that means, it makes me feel young so I will continue to rock out. Can’t wait for our next rocking outing??

  2. that baby thing is cool and I thought Julie was dying, until out of curiosity I typed in Helen, and wow! Talk about dying off! Mine peaked in the 1970s which is cool since that is when I was born.

    I love going to the library. Nothing like a fresh batch of books! But admittedly I’ve been checking out scrapbook mags more than anything else for the past year. That’s cheating isn’t it? LOL

    Have fun in Iceland!

  3. I think whoever gets to meet you, it will always stay with them as it has with me……I felt like I had known you for years – I thankyou for coming up to me and introducing yourself. I miss you girls – heaps!!!! I can’t wait to lift you, I have in mind the one I want to lift but will have to wait until next week. Have a great weekend my friend!!!

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