a new necklace

I love creating, be it photos, food, scrapbook pages, or other random things I create. The other night I was painting on a project with a mix of Lumiere Super Sparkle and Flamingo Pink Pearl-Ex, never one to let excess paint go to waste, I for some reason grabbed a Making Memories Vellum Tag and let loose covering the vellum with the paint, then rummaged through my drawers for a Sonnets Poemstone, add an eyelet and some jump rings and here it is.

I wore it on Thursday when I visited Emma at work and then shopping at Scrap That, it is always fun wearing a necklace that is different to the norm, the comments are always great πŸ™‚

 The great thing about vellum tags for necklaces is they are so easy to make and change with your mood and outfit πŸ™‚

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  1. you are too darn clever, I loved the necklace you made at the show too……very creative. Say hi to Jo at Scrap That for me – miss her vibrant personality – got to get you to send me a photo too. Hope your having fun girlie!

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