late night runs

slurppeEarlier this evening, whilst in the middle of creating some new "things" for me to play with I had the sudden urge for a slurpee, so I go ask Matthew if he wants one, I sure do he replies, I gather my supplies for the mission, I ask Matthew to go watch TV, so I have some light outside getting to the car, I belt up and drive down to 7-11, park and walk in on a mission for two slurpees. I walk up to the "fountain" and oh to my beating heart there is no lemon or lime just Cola, Raspberry, Orange and Honeycombe! Honeycombe, I tell you who thought of that. I put a smidgen of honeycombe in the bottom of mine to tast it – argh not getting that again. I pay the cashier, saunter back to the car and drive home. It is a struggle to get out of the car with two slurpees, lock it and close the door.

Thoughts lists for the Day.

Big hug for Gina

Big cheer for Emma and her guy.

Big congrats to Matthew for his uni results.

Big wishes for Barb and her new adventure

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