The letter H

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter H.

H for “The Helens”
I had such a fun but tiring time at the craft show working with Helen and Fiskars. For the two days that I helped Helen out in the workshops, she introduced us as Helen Williams and Helen Palsson, so just say Helen and you are going to get one if not two of us. It was lots of fun. I made new friends, had sore feet, learnt new things, bought new things and really just had a total blast, from helping out Helen in the workshop to becoming an honorary Scrap That girl with cap since I hanged out there so much, at one stage I was even doing demos for them in my lunch break and everything in between. Ohh and can’t forget Carolyne, a Melbourne Pea who came up to work for Express Publications on their stand, super cool to meet her.
the helens

H for Happy day
Today is the Labour Day public holiday so Sean and his family had planned on a trip down the coast for a BBQ and a spot of fishing. Except it rained on and off all day/night so it was called off and the BBQ was held at Sean’s place instead. The whole crew bar Ken was there so there was 12 of us, chatting, laughing, eating and playing. Lots of fun and happy times.

Happy for Emma, winning her basketball game tonight, giving me a list of songs to make a mix CD for her and me discovering some super cool songs, for rambles πŸ™‚

Happy for getting some exercise, Sean and I took the dogs out this noon for an hour or so of jogging, walking and running, the exercise was great and the dogs loved it.

Happy creating and organising my creating stuff, working on deadlines, happy creating and no uni tomorrow πŸ™‚

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  1. okay, was directed here by Lee asking if that was me on Helen’s website – yeh!!!!! I’m so upset we didn’t get a photo of us together… was so fun meeting with you too and hope we all can catch up together soon!!!!! Keep smiling…..

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