a good night out and 24″ of subway

Just did my favourite thing to do on a Sunday arvo; watching the latest OC, now going through the photos I took at a soccer game yesterday and trying to decide how to decorate the paper mache briefcase I got at Scrap That yesterday after seeing Rach’s then plain one on her blog.

All the whilst, wondering where on earth my parents are since no note was on the table saying where they went when I got home.

Went out last night and had an absolute ball. Sean and his Thursday night netball team had planned to go out, so we had organised Sean’s dad to take us in (such a legend, always prepared to take any of the kids into the city) and then Michael arrives home from work with Brooke in tow. Seems they were also planning a night out. Sweet now I had a girl to chat to as well as the guys.

First stop of the night was the Port Office, always a good place on Saturday nights; it is so much more popular now then it was a little less than year ago when I first went.
As the night progressed more and more and more people turned up until we decided that it was full enough and we headed down to Fridays.

Had hoped to met Emma there but she was still partying down at The Normanby after the Reds made us proud and won their match against the Sharks 30-25. Good on ya boys!

Spent the rest of the night drinking, dancing and chatting with the guys and Brooke as well as the rest of Phil’s soccer team(Sean and I had gone to their game in the arvo and they had a win), Erin and her friend Renee.
Some of the guys recognised Brisbane Bronco’s player Karmichael Hunt at the bar so went up and had a “chat” with him.

As the night wore on, some of us grew weary, so Michael, Brooke, Sean and I started the walk up to the Casino for a taxi, stopping in a the Vic for the boys to have a game of pool and subway for us all to fuel the hunger with foot long. (The second foot long Sean and I had both had in less then 10hrs!)

At the end of the night it was a fantastic night out, great people, great atmosphere, great drinks and heaps of fun.

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