I scribbled this down just after I had got on the connecting bus this arvo.

My life is about running, running between buses, to buses, running to meet someone, to make a deadline, to get somewhere, running always running.

Running to the bus and then sitting simply, quietly in my seat, waiting again to get somewhere at some time.

Breathing fast, heart pumping, bag swinging, getting to the bus, weaing in and out of people, getting to the bus, getting to a commitment.

Always running to something. The final stage of getting home, the walk, is my single piece of simply free time, commitments are nil, time is mine, stopping to enjoy the ride. Walking.

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  1. Amazing photographer, amazing designer, now amazing journalist. Is there nothing you can’t do?

    Great post Helen! I can totally relate to this. All the hectic things that go on during the day. Your posts reminds me to appreciate the simple time I have for myself.

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