Brooke’s 18th

Brooke and MintyLast night partway through Matthew’s 18th party, Sean and I made our way over to Brooke’s 18th, which was also the party for her friend Abby who had turned 18 recently as well. We had a great night, hanging out with guys from Sean’s indoor team, Brooke and her friends as well as the various parents. It was a nice, relaxed night hanging out on the deck, eating, laughing, drinking, chatting and watching a certain someone pretend to feed the dog burbon. <– which was immensley funny to watch the reaction when people thought the dog was been fed burbon.

After the utterly decant cake from Chocolat and home made yummies, we piled into to two maxi taxis to head off to Friday’s for a fun filled night. Hanging out at Friday’s is always great since they have a big outside are to sit, drink, talk etc. Both birthday girls scored us all free entry and they got some free drinks as well. I shouted Brooke a Viagra (Vodka, Blue Curacao and Red Bull). Sean shouted me a Skyy Platinum, which I had not tried before and was very tasty. The highlight of the night for Sean and Dave was for sure their decision to get a Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks between them, costing them AU$25. I had a sip and whoa what a scotch, I think I will stay to the Johnny Black. Somewhere near 2:20am, Sean and I arrived back at his place, after one of the best nights out I had in long time. Happy Birthday Brooke!!

Photos are here

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