a new filofax

This morning, after dropping Sean’s father at Brooke’s house to collect his car and myself doing a drop and run mail call at Brooke’s doorstep. We headed off to Bulimba to the Queensland Centre for Photography where my aunt Julie, has some photographs on display. Quite interesting.

After looking at the exhibit, Sean headed back to his place and I went home with Mum and Grandad. On the way we stopped in at Officeworks for Mum to get some stuff for school, whilst she was getting what she wanted I headed over to the Bargain bin, where I picked up a Filofax Metrople for AU$17, retails for ~AU$70, score:), I have wanted a Filofax now since 1999, I finally have one πŸ™‚ I also picked up a desk calender refill, which I plan to use in my scrapbooking for 43cents.

Now I am looking at MY FiloFax, affraid to mess it up by writing in it, am also going through the photos I took at Matthew’s and then Brooke’s 18th parties last night, which will be up on the web later on this arvo.

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  1. I had something similar to a FiloFax while I was in highschool. Nothing as expensive, but something just as cool. Yeah, I thought I would be the hippest person around – scheduling appointments and planning dates. Nope. All I used it for was taking down homework assingment. *Sigh*

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