Overheard at Uni


The other week I went to uni during the day(!) for my last deferred exam, as I was walking past the library I ran into this conversation.

Girl 1 – I really want to go to Israel.
Girl 2 – me too, I’ve heard Judaism is a really beautiful town.

Yep, I really hope that these girls aren’t studying something like Middle Eastern Politics or the like.
le Sigh.

and before ask if I mis-overheard Judaism and Girl 2 was trying to say Jerusalem, nope. Girl 2 placed such an accent on the d that there was no mis-overhearing to be had.

2 comments on “Overheard at Uni

  1. Hello Helen,

    that story amused me no end! I’ve recently been feeling like the know-it-all mature student among a whole lot of Gen Whatevers.

    I had to explain the ‘Separation of Powers’ to a 24-yr-old Law post-grad the other day. I thought that was a bit rich.

    I’m sorry about your Grandfather. I’m glad to see you pop back into blogland.xo

    PS Email me if ever you’re at Gardens Point.

  2. Love it! It’s amazing the conversations you get to over-hear at uni. Hope the exam went well.

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