Overheard at Uni


The other week I went to uni during the day(!) for my last deferred exam, as I was walking past the library I ran into this conversation.

Girl 1 – I really want to go to Israel.
Girl 2 – me too, I’ve heard Judaism is a really beautiful town.

Yep, I really hope that these girls aren’t studying something like Middle Eastern Politics or the like.
le Sigh.

and before ask if I mis-overheard Judaism and Girl 2 was trying to say Jerusalem, nope. Girl 2 placed such an accent on the d that there was no mis-overhearing to be had.

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  1. Hello Helen,

    that story amused me no end! I’ve recently been feeling like the know-it-all mature student among a whole lot of Gen Whatevers.

    I had to explain the ‘Separation of Powers’ to a 24-yr-old Law post-grad the other day. I thought that was a bit rich.

    I’m sorry about your Grandfather. I’m glad to see you pop back into blogland.xo

    PS Email me if ever you’re at Gardens Point.

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