home again

Well, we arrived home on Wednesday morning and boy were we relieved to be home. I’m slowly going through all my goodies (about 22 different Kit-Kat flavours just for starters) and even more slowly going through photos. I’m starting to catch up on the 2.5 weeks of Uni I missed as well as work. I’ve found it extremely difficult to read/watch/listen to any more news about what is happening in Japan. I almost burst into tears whilst reading a news article about people waiting for lost loved ones to hopefully be found alive whilst on the bus home the other day. Whilst we we were nowhere near any of the devastation it was just so heavy in the air across Japan during our last few days.

We ended up seeing a lot of places, doing a lot of shopping (oh the shopping), eating all sorts of things (Kobe beef!!! OMG), talking to a random mix of people and most of all enjoying the plum blossoms. We did see some cherry blossoms but personally we prefer the perfume from the plum blossoms (we were talking to a volunteer guide at the Osaka Castle Gardens and he said that that preference is quite common amongst westerners).

Plum Blossoms in the Osaka Castle Plum Orchard.
Plum Blossoms, Osaka Castle Gardens

2 comments on “home again

  1. What is it with you Helen – Last time you were in Iceland we had volcanic eruption, then you had the floods in Australia and now when you are in Japan there is a earthquake!!!

    Sorry, just my cynical humor – good to know you are safe and sound back home.

  2. Good to hear you’re back home safely. Can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like over there. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo, btw.

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