Christmas Morning Tea

Morning Tea

Morning Tea on Christmas Day is always a sugar filled event; rum balls, apricot balls, vanilla rings, lebkuchen, loftkökurs. Then a touch of savoury with pineapple dip and salmon dip.

It is also a time for all of Grandmum’s good china to come out. I think Grandmum would roll over in her proverbial grave if we used anything but the good china (proverbial because she was cremated). The glasses are one of the most treasured pieces in the good cupboard, my aunt brought them back from Venice many years ago, it does feel quite refined drinking lemonade out of those glasses 😀

2 comments on “Christmas Morning Tea

  1. Hi Helen,
    Just to let you know that I often check your webpage to keep up with what you are doing and photographing. I enjoyed seeing Christmas morning tea and your comments.
    I will be watching the weather for down south and wondering how your Mum is going over the next few days.
    Love from aunty sue

  2. your table set-up looks gorgeous! you must feel so special enjoying tea with those dishes. My family is of the paper plate wielding variety at holiday dinners for easy clean-up, so this just blows my mind!

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