Benazir Bhutto

I was woken for the 2nd time this morning with my father telling me that Benazir had been shot. I still can’t comprehend it.
My alarm had just gone off. I walked into the hall. Pabbi walked from the lounge room and said “Benazir Bhutto has been killed”. It took a millisecond for the brain to plug in and process the information. I don’t know what I said. I got in the shower and wept. Throughout the day I have weept as I have listened to the radio. Now as I type this I am weeping. I knew from the moment she arrived back in Pakistan the odds were stacked against her life, she knew it too. I like to be optimistic about life, politics, all those big things, I was wishing so dearly that the mechanisms would click into place and that the engine that is Pakistan would start to run in tune again. Tonight looking at tomorrow I don’t know how they are going to get in tune any time soon. I would like to think that her assassination would be a wake up call to the people of Pakistan that this is not the path they want to go down. I want to stay optimistic, in this day and age can you be anything else if you want to live the following day? I just hope so dearly that Pakistan does not implode, that out of this terrible event a ray of light emerges for Pakistan.

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